Vakigrad is on a mission

Vakigrad started with a thought of 


             akigrad is a Scandinavian                           sustainable luxury brand who                       makes leather goods for the                         business  within the field                             of devoted to excellence             in design. Working to change and make a better fashion industry working with sustainability and philanthropy.

How does Vakigrad work with sustainability?

Sustainability is the future of luxury and fashion. And we want to be a part of building the future of fashion. Our designs are characterized as slow fashion because of our minimalistic aesthetics and 

It is today not possible for a fashion company to be 100% sustainable, but it is possible to do as much as you can to improve the company and become more sustainable with every step you take.

Our steps have been to find sustainable materials as vegetable tanned leather which is tanned with bark, flowers, and everything good from the natural and lush forrests. Vegetable tanned leathers are known to be of the lowest impact on the environment and we want to treat our nature as the home it is for us.

Our linning is certified with the EU-ecolabel, we use GOTS certified cotton fabric for our dustbags and deliver it all in a FSC certified box. We still have a long way to go in becoming even more sustainable but the path is set and our steps are loud.

Our journey towards sustainability emerged during a discussion and the question: “why is Vakigrad important in the world of fashion today?” We wanted Vakigrad to be a brand that stood for something deeper than the next seasonal color. The conclusion was that Vakigrad was to be our entry and a promise to change the fashion industry for the better through sustainability and human equality.


How do we work with philanthropy? 

We want to push the boundaries of what it means to be a woman or man in society. We push for human equality in the world of fashion. For instance you will never see advertising from Vakigrad where the woman is laying on the floor with a bag in her hand treated as a sexual object. We think the woman should be recognised for her intellect as well as her sensuality. Our models will always be treated with respect and as part of the Vakigrad family. And as we proudly write in all our advertising we do not support unnatural retouch of human bodyparts.

Who is the buyer?

The leather goods of Vakigrad attract the world business traveler because of its classical and sophisticated designs, nevertheless it reflects the lifestyle of the 21st century enthusiast and urbanist who appreciate functional and fine things in life made with respect for people, animals and the environment.

Who is the designer?

Vaso Vukovic is the CEO and creative director of Vakigrad a graduate from the Royal Academy of Arts in Copenhagen (Denmark). Originally working in industrial design, Vaso has become a specialist in accessory design, with a master degree in sustainable luxury. In 2012 he accompanied Their Royal Highnesses, the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark, to Inno Design Expo in Hongkong. His design has an ‘international mindset’ inspired by travelling and additional design studies in Toronto (Canada) and Brussels (Belgium).



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