Vakigrad, part of a future luxury

Passion for sustainability and philanthropy

akigrad is a hub for (CIC) Creative, Intellectual and Caring people. These are the three most important characteristics we wish to see in all our team experts. We think it is essential to hire experts in different fields of our business because we are part of a future luxury with sustainability and philanthropy in mind.

We are passionate about making our industry to a sustainable and philanthropic world. Your priority should be the same. You want to make a difference and inspire others to create a better fashion industry. In our advertising we not only expose our leather goods but use the medium to fulfill our mission of creating a world of human equality through empowerment.

If you are drawn to our perception of the fashion world you are invited to show us what you are capable of doing with the Vakigrad concept and mission with your creative talent.

We believe that education can be required through many ways - reading, traveling, being curious on everything. This is why it is not a requirement that our applicants have a degree in the fields underneath, but it is essential that you have the knowledge and expertise in your field - an analytical approach is essential.


If you are an expert in sustainable solutions - send us your ideas and thoughts.


If you are a fashion designer - make a small collection with sustainable solutions in mind.


If you are a photographer - make visuals with our concept and mission in mind.


If you are a videographer - make visuals of your idea with our concept and mission in mind.


If you are a writer - write your stories and send us a detailed analytic of why you wrote as you did.


If you are a graphic designer - send your graphic design ideas to us


If you are a PR professional - send your ideas of a PR strategy to us


If you are a futurist - send us your analysis on the future of Vakigrad and a strategic plan within our field.


or surprise us we like diversity, and we are open to different types of people joining our team.



You may send all your material (ONLY) digitally to:







Changing an industry is not easy which is why we only hire the best talents at Vakigrad - Good luck.



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