In the early 1970s, my parents immigrated from Montenegro in the former Yugoslavia to Denmark. Almost a decade after their arrival to Denmark, I arrived to this world - and ever since my parents have called me by the nickname Vaki.  

I have always been fa...

Words matter. One of those I hold most dear is sustainability. For that reason I feel obliged not to use the word in vain. And for the same reason I believe those of us who subscribe to sustainability should be exact in explaining what we mean by it.

I am inspired...

It is not the number of people on the planet that causes a challenge to the planet, but the number of consumers and their consumption. That calls for the importance of changing the fashion industry's culture and contribution to the emblematic of consumerism....

Through our sustainable principle product quality for longevity, Vakigrad aims at increasing the lifecycle of our products. Zippers have an overall impact of the usability, because once broken the usability of the entire leather bag decreases. Further, broken zippers a...

Water creates a provoke-awakening dilemma that we at Vakigrad have put a lot of thought into. According to the United Nations access to clean freshwater becomes

The fashion industry symbolizes - perhaps more than any other sector - today’s buy-and-throw-away-consumerism. Slow fashion makes an alternative to the prevailing business model of the industry.

While fast fashion is cost-oriented (but not necessarily cheap!), quickly...

For more than  150 years, chrome-tanning, has been the most wideused process to produce leather. Today 90 percent of the world's leather production is tanned wi

To make leather, first the skin needs to undergo a tanning process in which its proteins are converted into a stable material. It is the tanning that prevents l

Since the postmodern emergence of the organic movement, retailers have felt the need to differentiate organic products from their conventional counterparts. Organic carrots, for instance, come with dirt and the green top uncut unlike its washed and cut conventional cou...

Are you one of those who believe that luxury customers are people swearing to a hedonic lifestyle? You are partly right. But if you believe that such lifestyle comes with a superficial happy-go-lucky-attitude and little care for social values, this study suggests that...

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